LittleBigPlanet takes a Journey

A more mysterious LittleBigPlanet costume will be making its way onto the PlayStation store over the coming month.

Journey has spent the last few weeks impressing critics and fans alike, offering an experience that has touched thousands. If you've finished the game (and there's a pretty good chance that you have) Media Molecule are offering you a chance to go on a different kind of journey, with the annoucement of the Journey costume pack for LitteBigPlanet.

It'll make all the inevitable Journey inspired levels all the more realistic. I must say, actually, that the costume is pretty awesome. Usually a Sackboy costume is very much Sackboy and more influenced by the source material than a direct copy. There's nothing wrong with that, it's part of what makes the whole thing "cute." From what we can see in the picture above, it seems that they've gone for something a little more serious, and that makes a nice change.

The costume will be available for purchase next month, so keep your eyes peeled towards the PlayStation Blog for a more specific release date.