Xul The Necromancer Comes To Heroes Of The Storm

Xul the Necromancer joins Heroes of the Storm.

Xul the Cryptic Necromancer is Heroes of the Storm’s latest champion. Hailing from Sanctuary, Diablo’s world, Xul joins his companions Li-Ming, Valla, Johanna, and Kharazim to fight in the Nexus. In spite of his dark methods, Xul fights on the side of the good guys.

The Necromancer is an upcoming melee specialist hero who uses powerful death magic to debuff his enemies with strength-sapping curses, poison, and a bone prison to entrap them. He can also call upon his undead allies by summoning skeletal mages and skeletons to fight for him for a short period of time, and arm himself with bone armor to temporarily raise his health. As a support character, Xul is good at pushing the tide of battle against enemy forces.

The enigmatic necromancers hold the belief that all creation exists in the delicate balance between light and darkness. Should either side gain control, the world of Sanctuary would fall into ruin. As a member of their ancient order, Xul fights to preserve that balance, no matter where his travels may take him, or what foes stand against him.

Xul is a close-quarters specialist, who weakens his enemies and raises the undead to aid him in battle.

According to Blizzard lore, Xul is the very same necromancer whom gamers could play as in Diablo II, alongside the Paladin, Sorceress, Barbarian, Assassin, Druid, and Amazon.

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