DayZ Mod 1.8.2 is Out Now

The update adds a build mode camera to Dean Hall’s zombie shooter.

DayZ Mod version 1.8.2 has been released and includes a wide range of fixes and updates for the game. Infected waterholes should now load correctly, fly sounds have been removed from dead bodies, and there's now a built mode camera but you can read the full patch list from the DayZ forums below.

Dean Hall's DayZ Mod for Arma 2 launched in 2012 and while it has been spun-off into its own game, the mod continues to have strong support. 


  • [New] – Build mode Camera.
  • [New] – 1L Water bottle to replace the old military canteen.
  • [New] – New wooden fence system has been added.
  • [New] – Chance function to return a true/false variable based on the percentage needed.
  • [New] – Wooden splint can now be used to fix broken legs.
  • [New] – Dodge/Block mode to block 1 in 5 frontal attacks.
  • [New] – Blood regeneration changed updated to provide more blood if the player is stood idle.
  • [New] – Bleed chance from zombie attacks have been moved to configs (this will allow different types of zeds to give bleed chances) – Normal – 15%, Viral – 30%, Wild – 10% – Changed from a flat 30% for all types
  • [Fixed] – Added player check when spawning wild zeds. (Checks to make sure the location the zed will spawn is free from players)
  • [Fixed] – Infected waterholes now load correctly.
  • [Fixed] – issue with some wells not allowing you to drink from your hands.(drink action menu will remain active all the time) Looking for a better way while keeping performance.
  • [Fixed] – Crossbow Flashlight not working.
  • [Fixed] – Issues with missing var causing an error in 1.63.
  • [Fixed] – issue when building small stash's and having two sandbags in your inventory it will use both to create the stash.
  • [Fixed] – Issue with weapon holders not being seen by players logging.
  • [Fixed] – Issue with raw food not containing nutrition values.
  • [Fixed] – Zeds can no longer target above 100 meters from players.
  • [Fixed] – Issue with dayz_ForcefullmoonNights & dayz_spawnselection not showing correct in the journal
  • [Fixed] – Crossbow Kit model loading an incorrect texture file.
  • [Fixed] – Issues with ui icons going blank.
  • [Fixed] – 16 sodas cans (empty & full) + a few other models.
  • [Fixed] – Transfusion, we have identified an issue with a global variable for reporting players lowblood levels.
  • [Fixed] – Transfusion, Knockout for players getting the incorrect blood type.
  • [Fixed] – Transfusion, humanity gain.
  • [Fixed] – Diminishing effect for blood regen from cooked/raw meat will not effect combined foods.
  • [Fixed] – Orientation issues with some of the placed poi items.
  • [Fixed] – Added better feedback for objects blocking buildings being placed.
  • [Updated] – Started removal of old coke, mountain dew and pepsi models. We have no access to edit these models. (Loot table removal for now, Database wipe of all these cans will follow) – Models will be replaced with replaced by lystic, mountain green and peppsy
  • [Updated] – Logout ghosts system now feed back to players correctly.
  • [Updated] – Viral Zeds have been removed from Residential spawns and added to Castle, Military spawns
  • [Updated] – Stash sites have now be added to the build system.
  • [Updated] – Stash sites are now created by right clicking on the sandbag.
  • [Updated] – Sandbags are now created by right clicking on the etool.
  • [Updated] – Zed attack range to 3.2 from 3.6.
  • [Updated] – Replace items dropped when cutting down trees from WoodPiles to Logs.
  • [Updated] – Reduced local spawning zeds to 15(from 20) and nearby to 30(from 20).
  • [Updated] – Damage scale lowered on normal zeds to 450 down from 600.
  • [Updated] – Damage scale from head hits reduced to *2 in place of *4. (head hits should be down to around 2500 from viral head shots).
  • [Updated] – Moved POI stuff from mission back to code (Silly oversight).
  • [Updated] – Prep work to remove loot stacks all together. (Moving items to be single drop items, Ready for placing items on shelf's).
  • [Updated] – Loot building locks reduced from 15 mins to 5. (This will allow more loot to spawn)
  • [Updated] – String table clean-up (been long overdue, With the removal of some of the red tape its nice to clean-up)
  • [Updated] – Rest system updated, Every 16 seconds of resting gives blood regeneration, every 60 gives a chance to cure infection.
  • [Updated] – Rest Animation system is smooth into the animation and can be interrupted to bring players back out in a smooth movement.
  • [Updated] – Trout have been renamed steelhead.
  • [Removed] – Fly sounds from dead bodies have been removed.

At gamescom earlier this month Hall announced that DayZ is set to come to PS4.