Titanfall Campaign Map Possibly Unveiled: Demeter

As Respawn leaks game info slowly, we are left to speculate on what secrets this new game environment hides.

Respawn Entertainment has released a preview of the Titanfall Collector’s Edition art book, a part of the famously expensive Titanfall Collector’s Edition for Xbox One. Among the pics shared is what seems to be a possible future campaign map, the location Demeter.

One pic previews a character design, where Robb Shoberg admits point blank that it drew inspiration from Bobba Fett. Another screen shows a place called Demeter, a vital source of energy for the IMC. Demeter is littered with refineries and refueling depots and is, understandably, a fiercely guarded area.

As this video from Redditor glorious_accident speculates 40 seconds in, this may be a description of an upcoming campaign map. He points out that Respawn is describing it as a high value military target, as if they are already leaning towards using it in one of Titanfall’s major plot points.

Admittedly, it is not hard to imagine having some dramatic event happening here, leading to the destruction of said refineries, and the game placing you in one or several missions in the middle of it. Titanfall has also been described as some grand space opera, in the same vein as Halo, but in a grander scale, possibly spanning several generations.

Anyway, glorious_accident also points out this is the first mention of Demeter at all anywhere, and it would be inexplicable for them to preview this much of Demeter if it didn’t figure into the main game at all. Respawn remains very sparing in sharing any information about Titanfall, although they have hinted at a very large, expansive world.

Titanfall is company exclusive to Microsoft, releasing on Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One March 11 of next year.