Grand Theft Auto Online Leaked Info Surfaces from Patch Notes, May Have Prison Break

GTA 5’s upcoming multiplayer component may have more content than we realized.

Grand Theft Auto Online may have a prison break programmed in game, at least if some newly discovered patch notes are correct.

The patch notes come from a Google Document leaking the build logs. As expected, development of Grand Theft Auto has been ongoing for the past few years, with the first note dating from 2009 (!). This particular note comes from just last year, saying, quite plainly, the player crashes or hangs when they enter and/ or fly a helicopter on prison break.

To talk about the source’s veracity for a few minutes, some notes also make references to Cops ‘N Crooks, which is confirmed to be a game mode for the game. If this document turns out to be a hoax, it would have had to be a very elaborate one to have convincing patch notes like these.

The curious thing is that this is the only instance in the entire document which mentions a prison break at all. So, is it possible for you to get yourself into prison and then orchestrate a prison break in the Grand Theft Auto Online world? Or is this a more conventional scripted event?

Grand Theft Auto Online has yet to go live, so we won’t know if any or all of the things brought up in these patch notes are true or not. If you were to indulge yourself for a minute, though; are you looking forward to planning or being part of some prison breaks on Grand Theft Auto Online?

Image is from GTA 5.

Source: Reddit