FIFA 14 Release Date and Turkish Super Lig Details Revealed

FIFA14 information abound.

FIFA is a major name in video games. After ruling this console generation as the best soccer series, the game shows no signs of slowing down. A couple of interesting tidbits of information have hit the airwaves today, and both are sure to excite FIFA fans.

FIFA Insider is reporting that FIFA 14 will see a release date of September 24th, 2013 in the United States. This likely means – if true – that the game will feature a release date of September 27th in the United Kingdom, for all you guys and gals across the pond.

Listings on Amazon yesterday depicted a release date of September 24th, but apparently this was either revealing or wrong and they are now showing what is likely a placeholder of December 31st. The game has also been put on Origin, but only lists a "Fall 2013" release date for the title.

The other piece of information comes in the form of the Turkish Super Lig, which hasn't made an appearance since FIFA 11. A reader did his homework and e-mailed the Turkish Union of clubs asking if there would be any appearances and was met with this reply:

“We are at the contract signing stage with EA Games. Deal will be done in few days. Our league will definitely be included in the game.”

FIFA Insider is apparently trusting of this reader's information, so we'll wait to hear more. There's a question of whether or not the teams from the Lig will be licensed or not, but we're sure that will be answered in the near future as well.