Minecraft 1.6 Details: New Blocks, Chests, Horses Will Be Hard to Get

Mojang has posted a number of new updates about the upcoming 1.6 patch for Minecraft.


Minecraft's creators have always been among the more talkative of game developers—Mojang's development process with Minecraft is nothing short of transparent.

Today, one of the game's developers, Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams, stated their plans to include every old version of Minecraft into the new Minecraft client launcher, so players who want to play one of the game's older versions instead of its latest and greatest version can do so without having to go through the ordeal of having multiple installation directories for the game. Many modders run multiple versions of the game, for the sake of joining servers with incompatible versions or for testing out their mods.

In addition to the update regarding the client, Adams also stated that version 1.6 of Minecraft will add "quite a few new blocks" to the game. As for what those blocks are—he's not saying.

Version 1.6 of Minecraft will also bring with it horses, which game director Jens Bergernsten says will be considerably more difficult to obtain than pigs or any other trainable animal.

In addition to horses, usable equipment will now only be found in dungeons, to which Mojang has added even more chests. According to Bergernsten, chests will be located all over the place, including the Nether.

Thankfully, these items will still remain craftable. The development simply provides players with more incentive to go dungeon delving in Minecraft