Larian Studios’ Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Meets Its Funding Goal

The next iteration in the long running Divinity series has hit its Kickstarter goal with over half a month to spare.

Larian Studios have reached out to Kickstarter for their self-published title, Divinity: Original Sin, which just hit its funding goal with over half a month left on the clock. Aiming for $400'000, the funding campaign is designed to help Larian "make the best Divinity RPG ever" with the funding goals containing the usual plethora of increases; extra areas, companions, lore, quests, and so forth.

Divinity: Original Sin is the latest game in the long runnning Divinity series which began its life as an excellent isometric ARPG called Divine Divinity. Although the next few installments would struggle to live up to the original, they would still manage to secure a novella, Child of Chaos, by Rhianna Pratchett and would be successful enough for Larian to be able to develop two Divinity projects concurrently. Larian's other project is Divinity: Dragon Commander.

The Kickstarter still has several significant stretch goals remaining, all of which are very interesting and some are quite ambitious. The full list is below:

There's been a lot of information floating around about Original Sin, and you will find a lot of it in GameRanx's interview with Original Sin's game director, Swen Vincke.