Playstation 4 Won’t Take Your Old PSN Games

They’re stuck on the old system

We foolishly, enthusiastically, thought “Great! Everything’s a little better than we expected from Sony’s new box that we’ll put in our homes! No Always Online! It’ll play used games! There’s nothing they can say now that would be a weirdly terrible and unnecessary move that they’re sticking to for some reason!”

Look at what stupid idiots we are for thinking that, now we’re being told that the Playstation 4 isn’t going to allow the porting over of things you’ve previously bought on your Playstation 3. 

Why? Because the console’s a bit different now and they couldn’t figure out how. 

For the moment, at least, your copies of Journey and Tokyo Jungle are going to stay on your old console and aren’t going anywhere.

The company are working on a way that that maybe things will come across in some fashion, likely through streaming using the Gaikai supported Playstation Cloud service, but that’ll be some time in the future.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason why the old games can’t just be emulated. If there is one, it’s not one that holds up much weight. This is a service that the company should be investing time into figuring out as it’s an important value-add and just a good thing to do for consumers who have supported their systems through sales in the past.

As a knock-on, your saves won’t cross over either, but that’ll be of little concern since the bigger issue is not having the games they’re linked with.