EA Maxis Releases SimCity for Mac FAQ

EA Maxis has released the FAQ for the Mac version of SimCity.


EA Maxis has revealed some new details about the Mac version of the upcoming SimCity, which was confirmed for release on both the Mac and PC when it was announced last year.

The new details come in the form of an official FAQ, which says quite explicitly that the game is set for release in Spring 2013 alongside the PC version of the game.

According to Maxis, the game will not be a Mac port like The Sims 3 was. Rather, it is a title native to the Mac OS X. "Because of this, we want to take the time to ensure that Mac fans will get a version worthy of their platform," reads the FAQ.

The Mac version is separate to the PC version of the game, and will be released as a digital download on Origin. Like the PC version, the Mac version will be available in standard, Limited Edition, and Digital Deluxe versions. It will also be fully compatible with the PC version of the game, meaning everyone—regardless of version—will interact and play with each other.

As the game is currently in beta testing stage, Maxis plans to reveal the system requirements closer to the game's release date.