Black Ops 2: Jumps and Hiding Spots in Maps

Need tips on some of Black Ops 2’s maps to gain an advantage? Here you go…

In multiplayer shooters, one of the key things to do well is to know your surroundings. I mean, it helps to have quick reflexes and have a good eye on aiming, but if you have no clue where spawn points, choke points are, then you're giving your enemy a big advantage. 

Familiarity in the environments are a big deal and more so in Call of Duty games where maps are usually close-quarter encounters. Add in the fact that there are Killstreak (Scorestreaks in Black Ops 2) and it more or less turns out to be that whoever gets to deploy them first, wins.

Lucky for us, YouTube and Call of Duty fan TmarTn has posted a few nifty videos detailing the jump and hiding spots in some of Black Ops 2's maps.

First map he goes over is Drone, which is one of those maps where I normally hear people complain about and with good reason. TmarTn posts some rather nifty tips in capturing the B flag in Domination, and how to bypass using convential methods in going up shafts and ledges.


Next is Express and boy, this map is full of little hidey-holes and peeking spots that will give you a distinct advantage. Heck, I've been playing Black Ops 2 since launch and I have no idea that these places were there. In short, give this a watch to take out this pesky people hiding in the rooms hoping to find a wandering soul walking out.


The next video shows the spots in Cargo, Probably the most obvious out of all his videos, most of the spots he points out are the usual ledges and cargo boxes that can be jumped on. However he does give a few good spots that will give you an edge in taking out people  hiding in the second boxes overlooking capture points A and C in Domination. '


While this next video is the first one he ever made, I think it's best we save the best for last. Out of all the maps in Black Ops 2 covered in these five videos, Aftermath and Turbine are the most ones I hear complains about. Be it from being a sniper's paradise (Carrier) or spawn points really being an issue (Aftermath), these videos should give you an advantage.

In the Aftermath video, TmarTn shows a few nifty spots in the A flag that should make defending it a little easier. Also, he gives out a pretty good tip on how to take out people in the C flag that use that little concrete structure near the buildings as a "head exploit."


The last video we have for you is Carrier, which is one of the few sniper-heavy maps in the game. One of the major things he points out is how to capture the B flag in Domination. Mind you, it's not easy as it will still leave you with a significant portion of your body heavily exposed. Unfortunately, if you've played on Carrier before, you'll know that slanting metal thing that snipers use to cover themselves and see most of the maps middle area? Well, there's not really an easy way to take them out, although there is a side route you can take to catch them unaware.

Well, there you have it. Most of TmarTn's map tips are useful in Domination and Hardpoint game modes, of course, there's no reason you can't use them Team Deathmatch, too. Also of note, the videos really highlight how many "head exploits" the game has that give the person hiding an unfair advantage. But that's something out of our hands and in Treyarch's.

So, did you find these videos useful or has he missed out on some of the hiding and jump spots himself? Let us know in the comments what you think and what your favorite jump and hiding spots are in these maps.