Top 10 Zombie Games on the Xbox 360

There are some great Zombie games on the Xbox 360, including some exclusives. Checkout the, Top 10 Zombie Games on the Xbox 360

The joy of killing Zombies in Video Games is probably one of the most satisfying experiences for a gamer. Looking for Zombie games on the Xbox 360 in the dark corridors of the internet could be a tough task, we’ve listed the Top 10 Zombie games on the Xbox 360 so that you can sink your bullets into undead flesh as soon as possible.

#10. Shell Shock 2: Blood Trails

There is something very satisfying about Shell Shock 2: Blood Trails i.e taking your time and getting a headshot on the Zombie because that’s the way you’re suppose to kill a zombie right? The game had a very small development budget and it completely shows when compared to other FPS games of its time, but it isn’t as bad as the press reviews which would definitely steer you away from the game. It is far from perfect, has a short campaign, although if you like shooting zombies it’s definitely worth renting.

#9. Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

A thumb-stick shooter that allows players to control one of four characters, rescuing survivors and killing hoards of Zombies across 55 tense levels. The game has some amazing graphics, great lighting effects and good looking environments which can also be invariably used to kill zombies. Playing by yourself is fun, but the game really shines playing online coop with up to 3 friends. Playing the main mode unlocks several side modes like chainsaws only, turbo mode(double speed) and nightmare mode, adding a bit of spice to the otherwise repetitive gameplay.

#8. I Made a Game with Zombies in It!

I Made a Game with Zombies in It

I Made a Game with Zombies in It, is quite literally a game with zombies and some awesome background songs. The game is available for 80 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live which is like $1 and they say that in the song too, if you like shooting Zombies and enjoy some intelligent humorous music, you won’t be losing anything if you buy this game.

#7. Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is mostly fun when played cooperatively and the game will fulfill your wish of being caught in a Zombie Apocalypse from both perspectives with tons of guns and hordes of Zombies at your disposal. Unpredictable & relentless enemies make it imperative to have human teammates in harder difficulty modes, but you can’t complain about killing zombies alone either. The game also offers a variety of gameplay modes which will keep you interested for a while.

#6. Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

Developed by Popcap, Plants vs Zombies is definitely up there amongst the best of the best tower defense games. The basic objective in the game is that players have to defend their house from brain hungry Zombies, by strategically using combat-ready plants to your advantage. The game has an incredible variety of both Plants and Zombies, in different shapes and sizes. Plants vs Zombies on the 360 is the most feature packed versions of the game i.e available on many other platforms. The ingenious reward system, game design, and audio are simply top notch in Plants vs Zombies. If you like Zombies and enjoy Tower defense games, we simply can’t recommend this game enough.

#5. COD: World at War

COD: World at War

The addition of the Nazi Zombie game mode sure was a welcome one to the otherwise been there done that WW game. Unlocked after completing the game, it puts up to 4 players in an abandoned house with some barricades between you and the Nazi Zombies. As you progress further in this mode it gets more intense and satisfying as waves of undead keep piling on, while unlocking new weapons and locations in the house.

#4. Dead Rising

Dead Rising

Dead Rising is a unique mix of action and fun gameplay while giving players the chance to witness hundreds of Zombies in one single frame. Players take control of Frank, a free lance photo journalist, investigating a town named Willamette sealed off by the National Guard and state police. Frank hires a helicopter to hover around the town, he then finds out that the town is infested with hundreds and thousands of Zombies, with the objective to gather as much information as he can, he drops on top of a mall and tells the pilot to return in 72 game hours. Almost anything can be used as a weapon in this game which includes guns so you can bludgeon, stab, or shoot away Zombies the way you like. This is a game which gives you the chance to slice, shoot, electrocute and do much more to the walking undead in your own personal way.

#3. Stubbs the Zombie in rebel without a pulse

Stubbs the Zombie in rebel without a pulse

One of the most accurate brain eating simulator on the Xbox 360(through Xbox Originals), the game lets players take control of Stubbs in a retro futuristic world of the 50s. So what is your main objective in Stubbs the Zombie? Well, eating brains and you’ll be eating lots of brains in the process of completing this surprisingly brief game. The more brains you eat, the more zombies you have which helps in creating a diversion or shield from the cops. There some really interesting and creative special attacks too, one of them involves tossing your own hand and then using it to pocess humans, allowing players access to weapons that is a good change of pace. The game has a great coop mode with an “incredibly funny plot” and only the only complain with the game is that it lasts only for about 5-6 hours.
The game is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace as an Xbox Original.

#2. Left4Dead 2

Left4Dead 2

Left4Dead 2 simply tops L4D with more explosive content making its predecessor look pale in comparison. New campaigns, game modes, guns, all-new melee weapons makes this a complete Zombie Apocalypse experience from both perspectives. The Realism mode adds a whole lot of tension which wasn’t missed anyways. Left4Dead 2 is made for fans of all things Zombie related, it’s incredibly gory, zombie animations are well executed, scary monsters, but the main feature in L4D 2 are the melee weapons, you’ll have chainsaws, electric guitars, cricket bats and more at your disposal to get the Zombies out of your way.

#1. Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2

Sequel to easily one of the best Zombie games on the Xbox 360, Dead Rising 2 had a lot to live up to. The number of Zombies Dead Rising 2 shoves on the screen, similar to its predecessor, is simply overwhelming at times. The Leveling-up system which grants players new moves by killing more and more zombies just gives you another reason to beat the undead hell out of every single one of them on their feet. Combo-cards which can be found throughout the game make exploration interesting and most importantly allow players to combine weapons into super weapons that last longer, inflict more punishment and lend to a new experience. Also, the coop-mode lets you team up with your buddy and double team the Zombies. Deadly Weapons, addictive gameplay, replayability incentives and a great coop-mode make Dead Rising 2 a complete Zombie-fest in the perfect sense.