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The Top 10 PlayStation Network | PSN games based on critic ratings, popularity and innovation from a variety of different genres

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The Playstation Network has evolved into a great platform for indie devs and there have also been some great exclusive downloadable games that have hit the service. There are a lot of great games from different genres, so we’ve tried our best to list the Top 10 PlayStation Network/PSN games based on critic ratings, popularity and innovation.

#10 Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

ssf 2 ps3

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

The original SSF II Turbo was an instant arcade classic when it was released nearly 16 years ago, but with amazing new art, music and cleverly balanced characters it goes without saying that SSF II Turbo HD Remix is a real treat for Street Fighter fans and why wouldn’t it be, since, its development was supervised by the street fighter community. A ton of fantastic additions along with the ability to play the online and single player mode with classic Super Turbo rules or in an entirely new Remixed mode, makes it one of the best brawlers available on the PSN.

#9 Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers ps3

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is a game that really comes alive when played with a bunch of friends and since the game is very approachable, your friends wouldn’t have a hard time getting into the game. The game has one of the best visual styles with cranky humorous moments forming a part of the amazing level design and characters. The RPG elements definitely add more depth to the game, leveling up your knight’s four attributes: strength, defense, agility, and magic makes it more interesting and rewarding at the same time.

#8 Tales of Monkey Island

Tales of Monkey Island ps3

Tales of Monkey Island

Tales of Monkey Island reminds us of the best years for the adventure genre, when interesting puzzles, fleshed out plot and intriguing characters were taken for granted. No wonder it’s a Monkey Island game that reminds us of the good old days, so first things first, Tales of Monkey Island will fulfill old school gaming adventure enthusiasts appetite to the fullest. If you like adventure games and surrounded by interesting characters on a gaming adventure is your thing then your search ends at this game, but yeah puzzles are a bit easy.

#7 Trine

Trine ps3


Physics based puzzles & crisp visuals, yes I will say that again, beautiful and crisp visuals is what will draw you in to Trine. The games feels like playing your way through a story book, but with a simplistic story. The side-scrolling action platformer lets you play on your own, or two friends in local co-op. Switching amongst three characters: Knight, Thief and the Wizard with different abilities is a joyful experience and straight forward combat gives more room for platforming.

#6 Fat Princess

Fat Princess ps3

Fat Princess

Capture the Flag with a twist that’s what Fat Princess is all about. The game wasn’t perfect at release, but since has been updated fixing connectivity issues, class balancing, new maps and other stuff as well. Planning attacks is always exciting where combat is bloody & fast, secret passages in maps making this ridiculous game with a ridiculous premise strategically fun.

#5 Wipeout HD

Wipeout HD ps3

Wipeout HD

Wipeout HD shows the success of the PSN platform and the variety of games it has to offer. It is an absolutely gorgeous game, presented in full 1080p HD and runs at a smooth 60 frames per second. Beautiful tracks and amazing detail in the tacks makes the visuals pop out and are detailed to the very last pixel. Whizzing at insane speeds and well designed tracks are the highlight of Wipeout HD. Not only does it sound, look, feel fantastic, it most importantly plays well too.

#4 Comet Crash

Wipeout HD ps3

Castle Crashers

Comet Crash has all the good signs of a very solid tower defence game. Balanced Offence and Defense is the main attraction for strategy game fanatics and if it wasn’t for the dull visuals compared to other PSN titles this game would probably rank amongst the best tower defense games of all time. Giving the power of destruction in the hands of players is what differentiates Comet Crash from other Tower-defence games. Deviously crafting your next strategic opportunity is an addictive blast.

#3 Joe Danger

Wipeout HD ps3

Joe Danger

A washed up daredevil looking to make a comeback, so does he make it? He sure does and does it in style. From the candy coated graphics to the crazy yet easy to use level editor, Joe Danger is a great game mostly for its single player solo carrier which is a blast to playthrough. You can’t go wrong with Joe Danger, it’s a fun colorful ride which will appeal to racing, platforming and modding fans.

#2 Braid

Braid ps3


One of the best 2D platformers of this generation, Braid is a game that simply cannot be missed. The graphics and sound are unique, the puzzles are absolutely fantastic(Please do not use a walkthrough) and the way it lets players make use of time and shadow is jaw dropping to say the least. If it wasn’t for the length of the game, Braid could rival many full-price retail games.

#1 Flower



A mesmerizing experience, although short, but filled with insane imagination and innovation. This is a game much better played knowing nothing about because it is an experience. The game is blessed with absolutely top notch audio and visual production. Tired of killings things in games? Flower might help.

Honorable Mentions

Death Spank, Zen Pinball, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection , Mega Man 9, MK II, Shatter, PixelJunk Monsters, Final Fight: Double Impact