Gears of War 4: Act 4 – All Collectibles & COG Tags Locations Guide

On Xbox One & PC: Find all the collectibles and COG tags in the penultimate act of Gears of War 4.


The end is in sight in our Act 4 collectibles and COG tags locations guide for Gears of War 4. The crew must fight through industrial zones and abandoned complexes with plenty of nooks and crannies that make hunting for hidden collectibles difficult. We’ve got all the locations listed below for easy retrieval.

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Collectibles & Cog Tags Locations Guide

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Recovering every campaign collectible in Gears of War 4 unlocks the “Completist” achievement. Finding all Cog Tags will earn you the “Remember the Fallen” achievement.

  • Note: After finding a collectible, the game will autosave. If you die, you will not have to re-collect any Cog Tags or campaign collectibles.

Campaign collectibles can refer to any number of special items and objects you’ll find while exploring the world of Old Sera — including pamphlets, documents, or other items that reveal backstory on the world.

Act 4 – All Collectibles & COG Tags

Act 4 features 3 COG Tags and 4 collectibles.

4-1: Get Out

  • Collectible #34: Locust Shell Disposal Form
    • Location: At the “C” zone of the mining operation with a view of the wider cavern on your left, and multiple rusty girders, look behind the rocks on the tracks of the wrecked bridge. Next to the minecart near the ledge, there’s a collectible to grab.

4-2: No Detours 

  • COG Tag #7: K. Rush
    • Location: Right at the start, follow the path with the massive wheel on the right. Pass the smaller wheel on the left to find a dead body carrying a set of COG tags.

4-3: Knock Knock

  • Collectible #35:  COG Orders
    • Location: At the gates to Tollen Dam, cross the entranceway and enter the first door on your left. There’s a ground floor control room. Look near the blue barrels, up the steps, to get this chapter’s only collectible.

4-4: Powerless

  • COG Tag #8: P. Woods
    • Location: Passing through a creepy industrial hallway, you’ll step through a door and see a broken window on your left. Enter this control room and look behind the central control device to find a dead soldier with this set of COG tags.
  • Collectible #36: Rations Schedule for Abandoned Gears
    • Location: After clearing the area with the giant automated chains, enter the rooms ahead but don’t go through the red door. Instead, turn left and look behind the wooden crates to get this collectible.

4-5: Storm Warning

  • COG Tag #9: E. Yates
    • Location: Returning to the indoors, look in the sideroom on your right of the interior hallway. There’s an office with a dead guy at the desk.
  • Collectible #37: Letter
    • Location: After destroying the generator and opening the door into a room with two spinning turbines, enter the back-left control room door. There’s a path that leads to another room blocked by sandbags on your right. Vault over the sandbags and find the letter near the dead soldier.

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