Top 10 Best Space Games

Best Space Games: So you’re a fan of science fiction, and you always dreamed of being the captain of your own intergalactic space ship. That reality might still a few hundred years away, so here are ten of the next best things you can do in the meantime.

Top Space Games

best space games

Space is incredible and majestic. It's endless, vast and beautiful. Space, conceptually, is a reminder that our place in existence is so minuscule and insignificant that we might as well not be here; mathematically, we basically aren't. There's something soothing about that.

Though countless games take place on alien planets, it's rarer that the stories are set entirely out in the black. There's a difference between visiting some unknown world and dealing with the consequences of being there, but it's rarely that much different from getting on a plane and flying somewhere we can already get to. It's just a new location for the same stories with different, more technologically advanced types of weaponry.

If you're making a game that's actually about space, it's about the unknown, but it's also about isolation, overcoming insurmountable obstacles, the human endeavor to achieve and… sometimes it's not about any of that at all, it's just a pretty cool place to set a game.

Games can take place on another planet, but are they space games? No. But here's a list of 10 that are.