Drawn to Death Creator David Jaffe Discusses Character Depth, Background Stories and Funny Jokes

drawn to death

Drawn to Death Creator David Jaffe, who is also known for the action-packed racing PlayStation Classic, Twisted Metal, revealed some of the things he set out to accomplish during the development of Drawn to Death.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Jaffe discussed the importance of giving the game “as much depth and mechanics” as you can. He described the game as a “skill-based competitive” shooter with a learning curve for those who want to learn characters’ special moves and such.

You always want to put as much depth and mechanics into a game as you can. You’re typically pushed up against the wall with time. In Drawn To Death, I think we’ve gotten the benefits of time to flesh out these characters in the weapons and other things.

A lot of times when I talk to people about the game, I’ll say it’s like a hybrid shooter-brawler. What we are trying to build is a skill-based competitive game. That includes learning special moves of individual characters and their pros and cons against other characters.

He continued to emphasize that Drawn to Death actually has a story behind it, and every characters kind of has its own lore, but it’s all up to you to figure it out.

I want the story embedded in the game so players can discover pieces of the doodler’s life. There are no cutscenes or anything like that. If you look up in one map, there’s a detention slip based on the fight the guy got in with another guy in the opening. When you explore, you’ll see things he’s written about in the margins. There’s this girl in class he likes. Her name is Amy and if you explore the levels there’s stuff you’ll find related to her. They got little conversations and she’s written things in the notebook. There’s also animations happening in the backgrounds you can look for.

The hope is that players who really get into the game will start to piece together not only the fiction of the individual characters’ own stories and relationships, but also who this guy is and why he’s drawing what he’s drawing. On the surface, it is a very juvenile level of humor. There’s a giant butthole and vomit jokes but this game is also about a kid who’s drawing these characters.

Drawn to Death releases exclusively for the PS4 on April 4.