Cliff Bleszinski Highlights Changes Made to Lawbreakers Since Closed Alpha

Former Unreal Tournament and Gears of War developer Cliff Bleszinski’s latest project, LawBreakers, was showcased at PAX East 2017 recently. However, people started drawing comparisons between the game and Blizzard’s Overwatch. In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Bleszinski detailed the changes made to Lawbreakers since the game’s last closed alpha period.

Well, now we have far more variety in the classes—we call them “roles.” Finally having a CQC tank, you know we wanted the Chronos and Bombshell characters to be the tanks before, but they wound up kind of being the berserkers, get in there and shoot the rocket launchers at everyone. And to actually have the robots, Nash and Aegis, who literally can hit Q and armor up like that bad Lost in Space reboot with Matt LeBlanc, where the armor goes on. It looks really great and it was actually really tricky for the animators to pull off. Then, you know, just start blasting people with their shotgun and blade combo. It’s incredibly powerful and tough to defeat, as well as actually doing a support role. For me it was one of those things, where I was like ‘I’m not big on support,’ and realizing that there are people out there who want to heal. And finding out what our original take on that was going to be, instead of trying to out-Mercy Mercy [from Overwatch] because you’re not going to make a better Mercy.

When we were doing our alphas, I think we went live with too few characters. Yeah, there’s eight characters, but you know, it’s really only four because while the fiction is two sides, the roles play the exact same. By having the full run of seven, and the other two coming soon make it nine—we announced Wraith and Harrier at the panel—I think getting to that full robust section, it’s at the point where the game feels like you can play it for hours and not get bored.

He continued to comment on the Overwatch comparisons as a “human survival technique.”

It’s humanity, dude! I’ve been dealing with this my entire career. The human mind loves to pattern-match. It’s a survival technique. It’s like, ‘Oh, see that big bear over there? It ate my friend.’ And then you meet a new bear and you’re like, ‘Oh, my god! This bear is going to eat me because it ate my friend.’ People just like to put things into tidy little buckets, and to the point where they will stretch it so far.

Some kid was trolling my Instagram one day on a random photo I posted of my dog. If you’ve seen our characters Maverick and Tosska who have the Gatling guns. They’ve got their jetpacks, they can create zero-G pockets, and everything. And he was like, ‘Oh, you guys have a girl with a minigun, so you’re cloning D.Va,’ and like, ‘You’re dealing with a tiny Korean girl in a big pink mech who can launch her mech and explode.’ So girl and a minigun means copying Overwatch? Right. OK. You’re reaching there, buddy.

LawBreakers is expected to enter closed beta on March 16.