Conan Exiles Receives Tons of New Information in Latest Livestream

Funcom’s Lead Designer Oscar López Lacalle answered fan questions regarding their latest RPG, Conan Exiles, in a series of livestreamsConan Exiles has quickly become a hot name in the multiplayer RPG genre, and will definitely continue to improve with time.

Here is a recap of almost everything Lacalle said, courtesy of DualShockers:

  • The team has plans on creating systems to let players find other friendly players, but doesn’t want to just put markers on the map. One of the ideas they had is a sort of compass which is basically a rock attached to a string that doesn’t point north, but could point to locations of interest or your clan members.
  • The team might consider adding chat window tabs in the future. The team is going to continue to iterate on both text and voice chat until they “feel right.”
  • More unique weapons will be added to the game, as they add to the lore.
  • Mounts will come in a big content patch, and will include not only mounts that you can ride, but also mounts that you can use to carry your items. The team is discussing internally about carts that you can load, and that can be attached to mounts. They’re also playing with the idea of a moving platform on top of which players can build.
  • At the beginning the team wants to focus on mounts that can cover every single aspect of gameplay that they want to cover, then they will expand.
  • More mythological creatures will be added, as long as they make sense in the Conan world.
  • A “Merchant” thrall will be implemented, allowing you to load him with the goods you want to sell, specifying a price. The team is also toying with the idea of letting powerful builds coin their own currency.
  • More kinds of building blocks might be added if there is a need for them.
  • The team is working on a whole system for traps, letting players chose the kind of trap they want create, with a variety of situations each kind is good for. They’re also tinkering with different kinds of priming, including traps that don’t work at all but are cheaper to make, allowing players to confuse their enemies with real traps hidden among fake ones.
  • The team might think about letting server admins take control of NPCs for roleplay purposes, but there is no plan for now.
  • The level cap will increase when it benefits the game. It’s intentional that players aren’t able to get all the recipes, but the system will be revised soon, letting people purchase more recipes for the same amount of points, but also integrating similar recipes in a single purchase (for instance all the triangle building pieces), and drastically increasing the amount of points player can spend. Every ten levels there will be bonus points. At the level cap players will be able to purchase almost everything.
  • More performer thralls will be added on top of dancers, like singers and different types of musicians. They will be based on culture, and they will provide different buffs.

Conan Exiles continues to improve during its Early Access period on Steam, and is expected to release on Xbox One Game Preview and PS4 in Q3 2017 and Q1 2018 respectfully.