Middle Earth: Shadow of War Dev Reveals Many New Details in Recent Livestream


Developer Monolith Productions experienced success with the release of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and the game’s sequel, Middle Earth: Shadow of War has been officially announced. In a recent Twitch stream, the developer revealed their ambitious plans, improvements and changes implemented.

Thanks to Wccftech, here is a summary of all the important new information f


  • Shadow of War‘s skill tree offers over a hundred skills, which will give players more choice over play styles.
  • Each fort has an open-world area so there’ll be more opportunities for exploration.
  • Combat has been enhanced and comes with new additions for Celebrimbor. We’re told that the character won’t be able to use a spear for heavy attacks.
  • Talion will be able to control siege weapons.
  • Shadow of War introduces more characters from The Lord of the Rings universe (some of them will be bosses).
  • There’ll be a higher difficulty level for those who love a challenge.
  • Expansions and DLC will enhance the experience and won’t revolve around the main game’s characters.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War releases on August 22 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.