Injustice 2 Dev Discusses Potential Balance Issues Due to Gear System

Ever since NetherRealm Studios revealed the brand new gear system featured in the upcoming fighting title, Injustice 2, and fans have been considered about its effect on the characters and imbalance issues caused by the new system.

Designer John Edwards clarified the situation in an interview with GameSpot, where he explained that you can turn off the stat boost gained through gears during online and offline play.

Even for the competitive modes where we allow stats to be active, both players have the option to disable that stuff.

What we do is, we automatically boost up the lower-level character’s base stats to the same level as the higher-level character.

But the gear does not get boosted, so the player who has invested a lot of time in building up the gear for their level 20 character will still have better stats, better abilities than the level one character does. But it won’t be to such an extreme that the lower-level character has no chance.

Essentially we have lots of ways in the game to make sure that [gear] does not become an issue.

Art Director Steve Baron further discussed the topic, making it more clear on how to obtain certain gear and what they do exactly.

We also have lots of different ways you can get gear. You can get gear randomly at the end of some fights. You can get gear in certain single-player game modes. You can get gear out of our Mother Boxes, which are chests. There are definitely ways that you can see particular pieces of goods you want and actively go towards those things.

Injustice 2 releases in May for PS4 and Xbox One.