Small Borderlands 3 Information Teased in Latest Battleborn DLC

With Gearbox finally revealing Borderlands 3 officially, everybody is excited and is trying their best to dig out even the tiniest of information about the new entry in the Borderlands franchise. Battleborn players were able to spot a message in one of the side objectives in the latest DLC, where a number of portals spawn in and produce strange signals. These signals produced the message below:

Visit Prometea [Promethea]. Children of the Vault. We Are Not on Pandora Anymore. Tannis Is Not What She Seems. Do Not Open the Vaults.

Borderlands’ fans believe the message relates to Patricia Tannis, a key character in the first Borderlands title, and known for her knowledge on Eridians and the Vault. What confirms the text of the interpreted message is Gearbox Software’s creative director, Randy Varnell, praising the forum user whatsmynameagain for his ability to put the signals together.

Are you excited for the official reveal of Borderlands 3?