Ubisoft Rewards Rainbow Six Siege Players with a Week Long Renown Boost As an Apology for Connection Issues

Rainbow Six Siege players have been reporting connectivity issues over the past couple of weeks, and even though Ubisoft managed to resolve the problem and the servers are currently up and running, the studio decided to make it up for their fanbase.

Ubisoft Montreal Community Developer Justin Kruger went over to the game’s official subreddit and shared the good news. Rainbow Six Siege players will enjoy a 50% renown boost over the next week. The boost is active on all platforms, not just those who were affected by the connectivity issues.

In light of the connection related issues some players have been experiencing over the past weeks, we will provide a 50% renown boost for a 7 day period, starting today.

This boost will be made available on all platforms and for all players.

Should we experience any additional issues during this time we will extend the boost to accommodate the lost time.

Thank you all for your patience over the past few days and your continued support!

The game recently received patch 2.1.1, which fixed a ton of bugs. Make sure to get some games in while the boost is still here.