Cosmetic Microtransactions Getting Introduced to The Division in Upcoming Update 1.6

PC Gamer managed to spot something in Ubisoft’s update 1.6 preview for The Division, and no, it’s not new weapons or a new mission, it’s cosmetic microtransactions.

The Division will feature cosmetic microtransactions that you can attain through the purchase of Premium Credits. Ubisoft released a FAQ answering most of the questions fans have in mind. This will make the game feature four different types of currencies; Phoenix Credits, Dark Zone Funds, standard Division Credits and finally, Premium Credits. No information regarding the pricing of mentioned credits has been released yet, but Ubisoft explained the situation with the statement below:

We’ll also be revamping the in-game store, adding a new currency and extending the range of items available for purchase at a special vendor.

We want to preserve a fair game environment and would not allow for players to get any form of competitive advantage based on money they spent on Premium Credits.

While we want to offer more opportunities for you to customize your characters, we also need to find a way to do so sustainably without impacting the resources available for the main game. Monetizing them will allow us to keep creating more vanity option independently without any impact on the rest of the game production.

What do you think of cosmetic microtransactions making their way into The Division?