Gearbox Boss Discusses Battleborn’s Performance Against Blizzard’s Overwatch

There are a number of hero-based shooters in the market currently. Two of them came out not so long ago, but only one of them is enjoying massive success and breaking records, while the other isn’t doing so well, and that’s unfortunately Battleborn.

Gearbox Software and Take-Two Games decided to release a game very similar to Blizzard’s Overwatch, however, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford expressed his opinion on the comparisons in a recent interview with Glixel. Pitchford even mentioned that the studio went to Take-Two Games to discuss cancelling the project or delaying to a later time after Blizzard revealed Overwatch, admitting that they are going to be a “brute force” and will “outspend” them “every day of the week” in terms of development funds and marketing.

Everybody defines success based on what they risk versus what they’re hoping to achieve by it, but the world defines success based on comparing things to one another. It’s a relative thing.

If you played both Overwatch and Battleborn, can you tell us why do you think one is doing relatively much better than the other? Share with us your opinions down below.