Former The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Hitman Devs Join Forces to Create New Studio “Strange New Things”

Studios like CD Projekt RED and IO Interactive experienced massive success with their latest releases, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Hitman respectively. A bunch of ex-developers who worked on multiple AAA titles, such as the ones mentioned earlier plus Dying Light, decided to join forces and create their own little studio.

They already launched an official website, and titled the studio “Strange New Things.” According to them, the reason why they wanted to form their own studio was because they “wanted more” out of the games they were making. They revealed they are already working on their first title, and it is reflected in the description over on their website.

“This is the project name of our upcoming game that will be about [BLANK], which is set in [BLANK], from the perspective [BLANK],” it states. “This project holds a special place in our heart. It tells the story of a particular moment in a particular time and place. That moment made a huge impact on [BLANK]. All will be revealed at the right time.”

Once more details become available, you will be the first to know.