Killing Floor 2 Update Adds New Map, New Weapon, New Zed and More

Tripwire Interactive’s chaotic zombie-killing game, Killing Floor 2, is receiving its first update of 2017, and it adds lots of new content for players to dive into.

Game Director David Hensley expressed the studio’s vision in making every downloadable map available to everybody to avoid splitting the community.

“At Tripwire we strongly believe in not splintering the player base by charging for map packs. This way we ensure that all players can play together all the time because they all own the same maps.”

The Tropical Bash content pack includes a new map, Zed Landing, a new weapon, a new Zed among other things.


  • New Map – Zed Landing, a lush tropical island with an active volcano and dynamic volcano effects
  • New Weapon – Hammer the point home to Zeds using the Bone Crusher, a devastating makeshift mace and shield for the Berserker perk
  • New Zed – The deadly, dual-bladed Gorefiend adds yet another threat for players to overcome
  • Dual Perk Weapons – Weapons can now belong to more than one perk, greatly increasing the weapon choices available for each perk
  • New Emotes – New emote animations that can be triggered during gameplay. All players receive one for free, with additional emotes gained from unlocking Emote Crates

Killing Floor 2 just got better.