Team Ninja Purposely “Avoided Making [Nioh] Easy”

From Software’s Souls franchise has definitely set a benchmark for other games in the industry in terms of how difficult and challenging games can be. This lead people to compare Team Ninja’s latest JRPG Nioh to be compared to Dark Souls and co..

Game Director Fumihiko Yasuda was recently featured over at Destructoid, where he described the game as “masocore,” a blend between “masochistic” and “hardcore” games. He revealed that the team deliberately didn’t make it easy.

“We believe ‘streamlined’ is the better expression. We are aware of such voices claiming that by improving controls and camera, the beta felt ‘easy’ to veterans from alpha demo. Nioh is meant to be a masocore game so during development, we consciously avoided making the game easy.”

Yasuda continued to discuss the games that inspired the development team to create Nioh.

“Nioh was influenced by [the] Bloodborne and Souls series. For RPG/hack ‘n slash elements, especially the looting system, we looked to Diablo as well as Borderlands. As for samurai depiction, we took hints from movies such Lone Wolf and Cub by Kenji Misumi and Yojimbo by Akira Kurosawa, as well as numerous Japanese period pieces.”

What do you think of Yasuda’s statements?