Steep Update 1.03 Changes How Tricks Work; Director Discusses Upcoming DLC Plans

Steep update 1.03 released for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and it includes numerous improvements to how tricks work.

The update also fixes an issue where your ghost stutters sometimes on-screen, especially on 60fps on PC and PS4 Pro. Here is the improvements made to tricks:

If you ever struggled to perform tricks on skis or snowboard, this should definitely make things easier for you!

From now on, you can pre-select your next rotation before releasing your jump. Just push the left stick forward toward a specific direction, release your jump and your rotation will instantly be triggered.

Also, you can now combine turns and rotations more smoothly. Try to trigger tricks as you turn or switch and you’ll really feel the difference!

If you still appreciate calculating timing and using additional stick inputs, don’t worry, nothing has changed for you.

We hope you’ll enjoy these tricks improvements and look forward to hearing your feedback soon!

Creative Director Igor Manceau told Game Informer about the studio’s plans for upcoming DLC for the game.

Rocket Wing definitely impacts wingsuits. The fact that you can get higher and not always fall from your initial position really changes the way you see the mountain, and it’s just pure fun. This one is very important for us from just a fantasy, pure fun perspective.

The base jump actually is more of what we call the chain ability. What it brings is your ability as a player to start, for instance, skiiing, jump from a cliff – that’s the basejump ability – and then trigger paraglide, land, and move on. That ability we like a lot because it actually allows you to revisit the whole mountain in a way that is really different. The zones where you couldn’t pass because of a huge cliff, you suddenly can open them. The places where you had to go for various lines, to go from top to bottom, you can now chain it and create a challenge that actually chains all these moments.

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