Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.09 Nerfs .50 Cal Sniper Rifle, Fixes Online Exploit and Numerous Bugs

Watch Dogs 2 update 1.09 is a small patch currently available for download on PS4, and coming soon to Xbox One and PC players.

The patch included general fixes and stability improvements, preparing the game for upcoming updates. However, it was mainly released to nerf the .50 Cal sniper rifle, YourBoySerge, and fix the World Map exploit.


  • YourBoySerge Nerf – This .50 Cal sniper rifle has been the subject of some debate in the community, and is considered to be overpowered in online play. In this patch, we’ve reduced the number of rounds in the magazine from 6 to 1, and we will continue to monitor and balance this beasty rifle.
  • World Map/Online Invasion Exploit – Fixed an issue where players could help detect the presence of an invader in their session using an exploit the World Map.

Since we are already talking about guns in Watch Dogs 2, Senior Producer Dominic Guay was recently interviewed by Game Informer where he was asked about the team’s decision to include guns in the game. He stated that even though they encourage players to take the more non-lethal approach to completing missions, lethal approaches have to be present for those who want to do it.

It is true that Marcus, the character, would not generally use lethal approaches. You do not see him handling guns or shooting people in [cut-scenes] or in any forced narrative moments. We wanted missions to fully support hacking approaches, stealth, non-lethal weapons and trickster tactics. With that said, we wanted to give the player that choice. We wanted to maintain a viable approach through aggression for players who wished to take this course.

What we saw in internal playtests is that players would find their own favorite play styles to approach challenges and each were enjoyed by different players. Often, the same players would change their tactics based not only on what worked for them, but also on what felt right at the moment. If you think about it, it’s interesting to have a player choose an approach based on their feelings instead of being forced into it or simply maximizing efficiency. We are very much aware that there is definitely more to explore in this area – in how to match player agency without creating possible friction between the mechanics and the narrative.

Have you tried the sniper rifle after the update?