Bethesda’s Pete Hines Discusses Comparisons Between Cancelled Prey 2 and Arkane Studios’ Prey

Vice President of Bethesda Softworks Pete Hines was featured in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, via GamesRadar, and he discussed the reasons behind cancelling Prey 2 altogether even though they were done developing part of it. Hines said that “at some stage in Prey 2’s development, we had to say, ‘Look, this is not going to get there and we don’t have a good path going forward, so we’re just going to have to call a spade a spade and say this isn’t going to proceed anymore.’”

Fast forward to 2017, and here we are anticipating Prey, which Hines confirmed had no association with the previously cancelled project whatsoever.

“What they’re [Arkane] working on has nothing to do with the other stuff that has preceded it. They had no involvement in Prey 2 whatsoever. And that game has nothing to do with what they’re making.”

He continued to praise Arkane Studios for their unique work with Dishonored, and why they were chosen to develop Prey.

“We’re like, ‘Look, you do really cool, immersive, system-based first-person games.’ Dishonored was just the evolution of the stuff that they had done previously, and now the first look you’ve seen at what they’re doing with Prey is very similar.”

Prey releases some time later this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.