There Is a High Chance Shadow Warrior 2 Won’t Support HDR on PS4 and Xbox One

Developer Flying Wild Hog won’t jump on the HDR hype train. Flying Wild Hog’s Tadeusz Zielinski was recently featured in an interview with Wccftech where he discussed the possibility of releasing an HDR update for Shadow Warrior 2, and it is “most likely” not happening. He continued to explain that this is mainly due to “time constraints.”

Zielinski discussed his opinion on the PS4 Pro’s power, and mentioned its “beast” GPU.

PS4 Pro is a great upgrade over base PS4. The CPU didn’t get a big upgrade, but GPU is a beast. It also has some interesting hardware features, which help with achieving 4K resolution without resorting to brute force.

Shadow Warrior 2 will still be playable on PS4 Pro, but the studio has “no specific enhancements” planned. What do you think of Zielinski’s statement regarding Sony’s console?