Gearbox CEO Plans to Push In-House Development Quality; Old and New Franchises Expected to Release in 2017

Gearbox Software didn’t have a great 2016, with Take-Two admitting that hero-based shooter, Battleborn, didn’t do as well as expected.

Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford revealed that millions of players played Battleborn during 2016. He continued to discuss the studio’s plans for 2017, which revolve around improving their in-house development and release entries in old franchises and brand new ones.

2016: Battleborn launched and was played by millions of gamers. Learned tons of valuable lessons and team continues to iterate.

2016: Founded a new studio in Quebec, Canada developing new a great new video game I hope to announce in 2017.

2017 Goals: Push quality with in-house development of beloved + new franchises; succeed at starting most developer friendly indie publisher.

2017: I wish our dream to entertain grows stronger and the combination of experience and passion makes us better at it.

To everyone who has supported us – thank you! You are why we fight!

But if you happen to be someone we have ever failed to entertain, we will keep fighting to bring you joy and hope to succeed for you too!

I’m excited to move beyond 2016 and into the future! 2016 was a nice year for Gearbox, but I believe 2017 and beyond will be even better.

Do you think Gearbox will enjoy a good 2017?