Bungie Promises a Big Year for Destiny; “We Have a Year of Adventure Planned for You”

Bungie’s Destiny had a lot of momentum before and after launch, but with time and with more and more games coming out every now and then, the studio has to keep the game fresh for it to live.

The studio wished everybody a happy new year, and promised the comeback of the usual weekly update starting from January 12th.

Bungie is ramping back up to full strength. One by one, we’re arriving back in the studio to take up our positions at our desks. We’ll be regrouping this week, and preparing for another year of Destiny. Our next “This Week at Bungie” blog update will land on 1/12/2017. We won’t be ready for any major reveals, but we’ll resume the conversation about the rituals that return to Destiny week over week and month over month.

Here is a list of activities still available even after the end of The Dawning event:

  • Strike Scoring
  • Weekly Elite Bounties from Commander Zavala
  • Daily Vanguard Elite Bounties from the Bounty Trackers
  • Sparrow Racing in Private Matches
  • Weekly Treasures of the Dawning for completing  a Heroic Strike
  • Silver Dust Store and Eververse items

Are you excited to get back to Destiny?