D3 Publisher Teases Plans to Release “Several Console Titles” for 2017

D3 Publisher is known for games like the Ben 10 franchise, Naruto, Dark Sector and many more.

Idol Death Game TV and Omega Labyrinth Producer Yujiro Usuda was featured in an interview with 4Gamer where he teased the studio’s upcoming plans for 2017 including “several console titles” that will make you hard, literally, since that is the translation for the word Mokkori.

“I can’t mention details yet about the title I will be responsible for in 2017, but we plan to release several console titles. Let’s surprise everyone! Shock! Mokkori? Since we’re working hard so that they can be completed, until more information is disclosed, please wait and inflate your chest with hope.”

Looks like D3 Publisher has big plans for 2017.