Nippon Ichi Software is Actively Working on a Nintendo Switch Title

Nintendo is definitely busy working on a strong launch lineup for their upcoming Nintendo Switch console, and Nippon Ichi Software is keen on being one of those developers jumping in early.

Nippon Ichi Software President and CEO Soheii Niikawa was recently featured in an interview with 4Gamer where he revealed the studio’s plan to launch a new IP during next year and announced that they are “properly in development” of a Nintendo Switch game.

“Nippon Ichi Software will continue to deliver a variety of content from Gifu Prefecture. Also, in 2017 we’ll continue to actively launch new IP in the console market. However, that’s not all. We’ll challenge more and new projects. We’re also planning for Nintendo Switch, so stay tuned! There seem to be people skeptical about our participation, but we’re properly in development.”

We still don’t have that much information about Nintendo’s upcoming console specifications, but make sure to tune into January 13’s Nintendo event where it is most likely for us to see the first glimpse of the new console. Are you excited for Nintendo’s and Nippon Ichi’s support for the new console?