Capcom Confirms There Won’t be Other Versions or Spin-Offs of Street Fighter V

With every new entry in the Street Fighter franchise, we are used to Capcom releasing several versions of the game or spin-offs that are set within the same timeline, for example Ultra Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. However, the studio doesn’t plan to do the same with Street Fighter V.

Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren told EventHubs that they don’t intend on doing so with the current game as they have already “innovated on the series’ model” by creating a game with earnable post-launch content.

“We’re always looking at how we can innovate on the series’ model, while keeping an eye on how receptive fans would be to a new type of offering for a Street Fighter game. Street Fighter 5 innovated on the series’ model by being a service-based platform, with earnable post launch content.”

This coincides with the studio’s aim to establish a strong eSports fan base, since releasing several versions of the same game creates kind of a split community. On the other hand, if Capcom decides to stick with only Street Fighter V, it will be able to create a bigger name for themselves in the pro scene than they already have.