Sony Shipped Almost 4 Million PS4 Units During Q2 of the Fiscal Year; Brings Total to 47.4 Million


This is the time of the year where developers, publishers and industry giants like Sony and Microsoft start rolling out their financial results for the second quarter of the fiscal year. First up is Sony.

The second quarter of the fiscal year is from July 1 to September 30, and during that period Sony managed to ship 3.9 Million PS4 units, bringing the total amount of units shipped to 47.4 Million. However, the total Sales and Operating Revenue suffered a 10.8% decrease compared to the previous quarter, and here is Sony’s explanation.

Sales and operating revenue (“Sales”) decreased by 10.8% compared to the same quarter of the previous fiscal year (“year-on-year”) to 1,688.9 billion yen (16,722 million U.S. dollars). This decrease was mainly due to the impact of foreign exchange rates.

Sony’s Game and Network Services also suffered a 11.3% decrease year-on-year, which was “primarily due to the impact of foreign exchange rates and the impact of a price reduction for PlayStation 4 (PS4) hardware, partially offset by an increase in PS4 software sales including sales through the network.”sony

The press release didn’t include the exact sales of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset but they said that its sales are “on track.” The industry giant are also anticipating the release of the upgraded PS4 model, PS4 Pro.

The sales of PS VR, which was launched in October, are on track. Furthermore, this month, we plan to launch the PS4 Pro, a high value-added model.

What do you think of Sony’s performance in the second quarter of the fiscal year?