Outlast 2 Is “At Least 30% Longer” Than The Original


Red Barrels is currently developing the much-awaited sequel for the successful horror game, Outlast.

During a recent interview with Red Barrels President Philippe Morin, conducted by PlayStation Lifestyle, the game’s expected playtime has been revealed. Morin said that it will be “at least 30% longer,” with the development team’s aim to “mess with the player’s mind.”

A much longer experience, at least 30% longer.  It has a wider variety of environments and setup.  The story is a lot more complex.  We still have the visceral, in your face kind of horror, but this time we also want to mess with the player’s mind.  We want them to go through the game and keep wondering what the hell will happen next.

He continued to discuss Outlast 2’s story in a bit more detail, and what they built upon from the first title’s atmosphere.

We build these games to make the player suffer and we dare them to play through the whole thing.  The whole idea is to make them go through a range of emotions that isn’t usually found in video games.  And if we do our job well, those moments will remain with the player for a long time.

Outlast 2 releases PS4, Xbox One and PC.