Elder Scrolls Online Director Says It’s More Popular on Consoles Than PC


One of Bethesda’s dearest possessions is the Elder Scrolls franchise, and one of its games, Elder Scrolls Online, seems to be more popular on consoles than it is on PC.

The Elder Scrolls Online Director Matt Firor spoke to Polygon recently, and during the interview, he talked about how crazy the game’s console launch was back in 2015. Firor mentioned that the North American server went down for four hours, since their expectations as to how many people will play the game were “way low” compared to the real numbers.

Console launch was everything that we wanted with the PC launch and more. All service completely melted at like 12:01 a.m. Our North American server went down for four hours because so many more people were playing than we had thought were going to be playing. Our forecasts were way low.

He didn’t reveal exact numbers, but he said that there was around “500,000 people simultaneously on the system” a week after the console’s release. Even though Elder Scrolls is known to be more of a PC game, it’s nice to see console players enjoying the MMO version of the game.