Upcoming Hearthstone Patch Nerfs Yogg-Saron, Changes Coming to Shaman and More


Some Hearthstone players will find this as good news, while others might not.

If you play Hearthstone regularly, you definitely have encountered Yogg-Saron a couple of times, and you’ll understand why Blizzard plans on nerfing him in the game’s next update. However, that’s not the only thing the upcoming update will include, as it will also include changes to Shaman, Abusive Sergeant and others.

This is the most controversial card we’ve ever made. Some people LOVE Yogg, and others hate it.  We felt like seeing Yogg in tournaments was not where we originally hoped it would end up.  Yogg should be for players who want to have a lot of fun, but maybe not the card you see frequently in high-level tournaments. Yogg is relatively weak in power level for nearly every class at every level, but is slightly above average in 2 decks – Tempo Mage and Token Druid.  We didn’t want to nerf it so much that it couldn’t still be a fun card for players who currently love Yogg. Yogg-Saron will now stop casting spells if, during Yogg-Saron’s battlecry, it is destroyed, silenced, transformed, or returned to its owner’s hand.  We tried a bunch of things and we think this is a significant enough nerf that it could reduce the amount it gets seen (especially in tournaments), while still maintaining the dream for people who love the card.

Will you still use Yogg in your deck?