Monolith Reveals Impressive Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Infographic; 11.8 Billion Uruks Killed


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor was released two years ago, and received positive reviews from several outlets. It is personally one of my favourite games of all time, and one of the few that I play daily.

Monolith decided to share some of the staff members’ memories about the game’s development and the obstacles they had to overcome.

“During development, it was so much trial and error to get Captain showdowns to work. And when we finally saw the first examples, we could see that those moments were going to be great! Getting the camera framing just right, the Uruk’s eyes looking directly at the camera, their lips synced, and the right dialog hooked up made the showdowns way more emotionally powerful than I admittedly thought was possible.”
-Chris Hoge, Lead Designer, Systems

“I have particularly fond memories of our 2014 E3 experience… We had recently announced. and E3 was the first time the public was getting a chance to really check it out. Mike Forgey and Ryan Ladeen were giving round after round of packed gameplay demos and the crowds wereloving it. I was on line duty and the level of crowd excitement and anticipation was amazing! It was so cool to hear all the positive comments coming from people awaiting (patiently!) their chance to see the demo.

To top it off, the steady stream of awards arriving at the booth was crazy! It was overwhelming to see and feel all the love being focused on the game – from critics, members of the press, and the public alike! Mike was losing his voice from non-stop demo commentary, the lines were constantly packed. I’m pretty sure I wore a pair of shoes out during the event, but it was beyond worth it. I felt very privileged to be a part of such a kick-ass project.”
-Dayna Smith, Associate Producer

“Out of all the things I implemented to get mounted movement working, the seemingly simple act of dismounting the damn Beasts was the part that was iterated on the most, because it broke the most. There was a period during development where it seemed every week QA found a new way to horribly break dismounting, and I’d have to rework huge chunks of the logic to account for a new edge case that would send the player falling through the world or something. You’re welcome!”
-Ian McCoy, Senior Designer

“Among other things, I made all the bugs in Shadow of Mordor! Or, rather, I made all the insects. People typically don’t like to hear about buggy games.”
-Matt Rapelje, Senior Technical Artist

An infographic was also attached at the end of the post, revealing some impressive statistics. 11.8 Billion Uruks were slaughtered by the players, 457 Million Uruks dominated, 18.4 Million Graugs controlled and more. Check it out below: