Guerrilla Games: PS4 Pro and HDR Support Isn’t Worth Dedicating a Second Team


Guerrilla Games’ upcoming title, Horizon Zero Dawn, looks impressive as it is in terms of graphics, but why say no if it can get even better.

The studio announced their plans to support PS4 Pro’s HDR capabilities to make the game’s colours look and feel more alive. However, Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst was asked by VentureBeat about the studio’s approach towards the matter.

He revealed they aren’t dedicating an entire second team to accomplish that goal, instead they will probably have “one or two technicians looking at the specifics of the hardware.”

Yes. It’s not like we have separate teams working on different versions. We have maybe one or two technicians looking at the specifics of the hardware, but everybody’s making the game. Obviously somebody like JB, as an art director, will specifically look at how we can optimize for HDR, how the image can truly stand out in 4K. But it isn’t something that’s going to split off a second team.

Horizon Zero Dawn releases next year exclusively for the PS4. Are you going to pick it up for PS4 or PS4 Pro?