DICE Details Changes Made to Battlefield 1’s Conquest Mode Based on Players’ Feedback


EA DICE experienced major success with their Battlefield 1 beta period, with over 13 Million recorded active users.

The studio recently shared what they plan to change in the final version of the game based on the players’ feedback and requests. They also discussed their balancing plans, which include weapons and vehicles that seemed too over-powered in the beta.

We’re also looking into balancing other elements, including the weapons and vehicles. The Light Tank, which is a bit too effective in the Open Beta, will definitely receive some work, and we agree that Horses can take a few too many rounds at the moment. We’ve also learned through the Beta that you guys need more tools to deal with vehicles earlier, which we’ll definitely look into (including a Gadget for the Support class which should help neutralize powerful vehicles).

Lead World Designer Daniel Berlin revealed that the final edition of Battlefield 1 will feature some changes to the game’s Conquest mode.

The next time you play the game, capturing the objectives AND getting kills will both contribute towards the final score of a Conquest match.

Battlefield 1 is just around the corner, and it’s getting better by the second.