Sony’s Andrew House Comments on Xbox One’s 4K Tweets After the PS4 Pro Reveal; They Were “Quite Intriguing”


Sony’s PS4 Pro reveal received mixed receptions, and Microsoft’s Xbox Twitter account took advantage of the console’s lack of a 4K Blu-ray player by posting quite a sarcastic tweet.

When Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House sat down with Digital Spy, he commented on the tweet and expressed his personal opinion on the matter, as well as why they decided not to include a Blu-ray player.

I thought it was quite intriguing given that we’d seen a year of stories about “a new and different Microsoft” in terms of their attitude towards the competition.

I don’t think one should read into it that way. If you look at our current business, we see very stable sales of packaged media when it comes to games.

On the other hand, when I look at other ways people are using their PS4 – video content is absolutely the number two use of people’s time on the console. But it is 5:1 in favor of streaming video versus packaged media. We looked at that and said that’s probably where we should place our emphasis.

But I don’t think you should extrapolate out from that to say that’s now going to change our philosophy around other areas of the business.

Does the lack of a Blu-ray player matter to you when comparing between both consoles?