Mafia III Dev Makes It Clear Game Isn’t About Racism; It’s Just Set in a Troubled Era


Hangar 13 chose a very interesting era to set their third instalment of the Mafia franchise in, however, the studio don’t intend for the story’s main focus to be about racism.

Lead Writer Bill Harms recently sat down with GamesBeat, and shared the team’s approach to the era. The studio made sure racism isn’t the main attraction of the game’s storyline but just one of the aspects that affect the way you see things as Lincoln Clay.

We really did everything we could to not climb up on a soap box and preach. There is racism in the game, but the game is not about racism. The game is about Lincoln Clay, who destroyed the Italian mob in our version of New Orleans. You get a feel for a time and place. We reinforce where the game is set…. We have a term for it. We call it ‘cinematic realism.’ It’s not about those things. Those things are part of the game. It’s authenticity.

Mafia III releases on October 7 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?