Sucker Punch and Sony Bend Excited for PS4 Pro HDR Capability; “We think it looks absolutely fantastic”


Sony’s PS4 Pro has received kind of a mixed reception since its official reveal during the PlayStation Meeting, and Sucker Punch and Sony Bend wanted to let people know that they’re one of its supporters.

Polygon got the chance to sit down with inFamous studio’s art technology lead, Jason Connell, and he shared his excitement to use the new hardware while developing the studio’s upcoming games. Part of the reason Connell can’t wait to work on the PS4 Pro, is the fact that he works on lighting, and to him, the new console’s graphical features allow for a much more realistic and stunning visuals.

I worked on the lighting and I’m very, very sensitive to it. This is a game about superheroes with neon lights, wet streets and reflections. I’m shooting laser bullets out of my hands. Why wouldn’t I want HDR?

Sony Bend’s Graham Aldridge mentioned how the studio is going to utilise the new technology to their advantage to make Days Gone’s day-and-night cycle feel completely different, and “properly represent those brightnesses.”

We think it looks absolutely fantastic. The details are dramatic.

The PS4 Pro might actually prove to be successful once some games gets released on it.