Independent Marketing Firm Performs Tests on Xbox Live and PS4; Results Show Xbox Live Is the “Fastest, Most Reliable Gaming Network”


There is always a debate on which console’s network is better, in terms of service, support, features and such. Luckily, an independent marketing firm, called IHS Markit, decided to conduct tests on both Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PSN network to find which one is better.

Microsoft released their full report, but let us summarize what’s in it. The firm used the JND measure, which stands for “Just Noticeable Difference,” while performing all the tests.

JND compares the waiting periods between two groups to determine if there is a perceivable difference in waiting times to the gamer, with the JND score representing the minimum amount of difference needed to differentiate between two stimuli. Because the values of the JND are essentially arbitrary, it is more useful to consider the scores as existing on a continuum, where the scores and their confidence intervals are plotted on a single axis.

The main categories are Reliability, Speed and Overall, with each one having four sub-categories to determine the winner at the end. Xbox Live managed to outperform the PSN in almost everything, with the latter only winning in the matchmaking speed and reliability.


  • Login to Network – Xbox Live
  • Login to Game Server – Xbox Live
  • Matchmaking – PSN
  • Uninterrupted Play – Xbox Live


  • Login to Network – Xbox Live
  • Login to Game Server – Xbox Live
  • Matchmaking – PSN
  • Time to Upload – Xbox Live

Overall Quality

  • Login to Game Server (Speed/Reliability) – Xbox Live
  • Matchmaking (Speed/Reliability) – PSN
  • Join Party – Xbox Live
  • Voice Chat Quality – Xbox Live

What do you think of these results?