NBA 2K17 MyCareer Features Creed’s Michael B. Jordan and The Movie’s Director Aaron Covington


Some may see that 2K Sports didn’t do a very god job at delivering an engaging story in their previous NBA 2K instalment, however, the studio has brought in some high-quality names for NBA 2K17.

In a Facebook post, 2K Sports revealed interesting new bits of information regarding a number of characters we’re going to see in this year’s MyCareer. One of them is Creed and Fantastic Four actor Michael B. Jordan, who is going to play the role of your partner, Justice Young. Both of you will have to interact and build chemistry, codenamed Orange Juice, which lets you build up plays during the game, and maybe even control him entirely at some points.

There are a tons of other new features as well, including the ability to reply to text messages, doing multiple activities on one off-day and more. All of which you can check out below. NBA 2K17 releases this September 20 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.