No Man’s Sky Patch 1.07 Deployed; Fixes Numerous Bugs and Improves Overall Experience


Developer Hello Games has been getting a lot of backlash recently, with refund requests flooding through Steam and Sony’s PSN, and people allegedly reporting that everything you name gets wiped out after a while.

Well, all of this didn’t stop the studio from releasing a new update for the game, fixing numerous bugs ranging from gameplay to the small stutter experienced after saving at an outpost beacon. A Reddit user combined the most noticeable changes to the game’s PS4 version in a shorter list than the patch’s full changelog.

  • 75% life support is not verbally announced anymore
  • The small stutter after saving at an outpost beacon is gone
  • The recharge photon cannon text box prompt is gone
  • The upload discovery option is gone when on a planet with no fauna
  • When recharging the plasma launcher, it fully charges to 100% instead of 70%. (never heard anyone saying this was an issue but it always happened to me)
  • The atlas path is now on the 5th waypoint marker in the galaxy map
  • The height and weight is finally fixed when scanning a creature initially

Have you tried out No Man’s Sky after update 1.07?