CD Projekt RED Releases Financial Reports for 2016’s First Half; The Witcher 3 Is Still Selling High


CD Projekt RED has experienced a wonderful time since the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and they deserved every bit of recognition they got.

The studio recently detailed their financial results for the first half of 2016, revealing a profit of $82 Million and net profit of $34.7 million. They managed to exceed what the market expected them to make by 37%, causing CD Projekt RED’s shares and company value to increase in an instant.

CEO Adam Kiciński commented on the success, thanking the team and the fans, and giving credit to The Witcher 3 and its recent expansion, Blood and Wine, since both of them generated most of the studio’s earnings for this period.

We’re wrapping up a very busy six-month period. Our second expansion for The Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine – was widely acclaimed and, together with the base game, generated most of our sales during this period. But we’re not done: on 30 August we’re releasing The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition for all those who haven’t yet had the chance to play the most celebrated videogame of 2015. In later months we will focus on the recently announced multiplayer card game – GWENT, with a closed beta launching on 25 October.

Are you excited for Gwent?